Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Packed in

I have a pretty packed house this year.  It's hard to get in and out of the tomato cage and things are so close together it's hard to get good photos, but I tried anyway.  here is what I came across today.

Watered this morning and filled a flower.

Love the colors of the yellow zucchini leaves.

I think these are Tiger Tom's but the stick was hard to get to.  When I actually pick it I'll confirm.

I think there are Christmas Grapes.  Again, the stick with the name on it was hard to get to. I see a theme here.  Damn.

Lemon Drop tomato

So little!

Some other heirloom.  Stupid sticks.

I feel like these tomatoes look like rocks.  Weird shape.

The Lemon Drop tomato plant makes purple leaves.  Very cool.

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Nick Gomez said...

I really dig the lemon drop leaf picture. So many different types all in one cage! whats the best tasting one so far? Keep postin em