Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Happening

Good news and bad news

Good news is that Iv'e got a lot of butternut squash coming and pumpkins, bad news is that the first few always seem to rot.  I don't really think it's anything out of the ordinary but it's still a bummer.  Some are pushing through though which is great.  Soup anyone?
Yellow zucchini's are so much tastier than the green ones.

There is no more path.  The problem of a crowded garden.


Good news is that I have a lot of tomatoes, bad news is that a lot of the plants are turning brown.  The stalks, not only the leaves.  I read up about it and it seems like I have either watered too much or that there is something in the soil.  I know that I was watering more than I used to but the plants always looked so wilt-y that I thought they needed more water.  I do remember the plants looking like this in October when they were done making fruit and just dying, so it's sad to see that happening to quite a few already.  I hope I still get some damn tomatoes!  

They are getting so damn tall.


Egg Yolk Tomato

I also have not had too much success with strawberries and I think this is because the soil just doesn't keep moisture.  They always seem so dried out :(   This is why I kind of believe the reason for the tomatoes dying is because I was overwatering them. CHANGE IS SO DAMN HARD.  I need my homemade compost back.  Hopefully that will come next year.

Blurry, sorry.  Don't feel like going back out there to take another photo.

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