Thursday, June 5, 2014

Will the mobile app make me do this more often!?

Let us see!  Not much to say except that I do still garden, I just got lazy and didn't photograph it. Everything is on schedule thoguh I did not have much success with starting seeds this year. My new house does not come with a built in greenhouse so I will have to get a better set up next year to have success with that. Most of these tomatoes a bought a few I started and I few I got from a nice woman. The kale and squash are my starts from seed and the peppers were also from a friend. Enjoy!

Big max pumpkin leaf

I also started these from seed. Mmm cucumbers.

An array of peppers and a bunch of Dino kale

That's the jist of the garden. I keep squishing more and more things closer together in hopes of fitting more and more into a small space and so far I've been safe. Hopefully with all that I've got this year everything will still grow well. More to come

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