Thursday, June 19, 2014

Late in the day

Now I am up to 4 lost tomato plants and one pumpkin.  I am hoping no more will be taken from my garden but if the gopher comes back I hope it will be it's last day.

Anyway, it's a bit dark out so I apologize for the fuzzy photos but I just wanted to capture some stuff now before I forget.

I planted some wildflowers and surprisingly they have not been eaten by the deer yet.

The last remaining pumpkin still going strong.

My first pepper.  I have never had success starting from seed but a friend gave me a few starts and they are doing alright considering it's not super hot out here.

Dino kale is so lovely to look at.

mmm cucumbers.

small yellow zucchinis on the way.

and those leaves that match the squash.

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