Monday, July 15, 2013


Okay!  New posts.  Mostly just pictures that I have been promising forever.  Stupid Me.

Wildflowers in the yard

Making the transition from green to red!  Tiger Tom Tomato

Found this skull in my backyard.  Score!

A bit too bright outside for a quality picture, but the blackberries in the yard are in full force.  I need to make a day a week to start picking in my yard and around the neighborhood if I am going to make the commitment and make jam.

Porcupine tomato plant.  Doesn't make edible tomatoes, but I just love the look.  Thanks to Annie's Annuals in Richmond, CA for having a great selection!

My 4 rows of crops. the first bed is full of chard and zucchini.  Those are not doing so well.

Some little guys that are starting to turn.

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