Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tis The Season

As I have already stated, September sucks.  Maybe not the actual month, but the time of the year.  it's super nice and warm, great all around, but crops are on the outs this month and it's a bit depressing.  I have pulled almost everything from the garden except for the tomatoes and butternut squash.  It is quite desolate out there.  Pictures to follow.  What I have done, which never seems to work, is plant winter crops.  They are in 6packs right now, and I should have done that sooner, but i'll try anyway.  I would also like to see about having an indoor tomato plant.  Never done that, but it might be sweet to pick tomatoes in the middle of January.  That's it for now, and if it gets sunny, which it will because it's September  I will take some photos of the dead and dying garden. BOO HOO.

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