Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Failure and Success.

I was sick this weekend which is why I didn't post, but today when I went out in the garden, it had quite a bit to show me!

This is blossom end rot.  I did not have this problem last year, and looking up reasons is kind of looking up what your symptoms on the internet. What I did find out however, is it tends not to effect other fruit or other plants, and it only seemed like about half a dozen are rotting on a few plants and even on those plants there are plenty of healthy tomatoes. So while I am bummed that about 20 tomatoes will not make it, I am happy to report that there are 20 more right behind them and they are healthy. Oh, and it's only happening to my Roma tomatoes.  Someone on the internet said to just not grow Roma tomatoes. SERIOUSLY?  What a cop out.

This volunteer sunflower is big!

My cherry/pear  tomatoes are doing quite well.  Look at all of them!

Scotch Bonnet peppers.  This guys are HOT. Wikipedia tells me they are 100,00-350,000 on the Scoville scale. Check it out for yourself. hot peppers are hot.  Oh I also have like 50 on this pepper plant.  Please tell me what to do with them!

The butternut squash is taking over as usual.

Not that theses photos tell you much, but hey, it's the garden!

I picked this today.

So my free Passion Flower plant is producing passion fruit!!!!!!!

The first three.

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