Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So my camera has some limitations which means I will make Matt take some photos for me with his fancy camera, but here are a few things growing in the garden.

I am wondering how big this pumpkin plant is going to get.  The leaves are already as big as my hand.

My trumpet flower plant is happy!

 A fuzzy Scotch Bonnet pepper flower

 My homegrown compost is loved by all.  There will be hefty weeding before the tomatoes go in.

 The first pepper


This could be a fantastic photo but my camera can't get any better than this.  Take it away Matt!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, your garden is looking great! And the butternut squash you brought to the boathouse made wonder Thai squash soup...Speaking of boathouse, are you going to start rowing again?

Lisa H.

Anna said...

Hi Lisa,

I hope rowing is treating you well. I just couldn't make it work. My schedule made it super impossible to get to practice really early. Bar-tending was a hard thing to mix in with early morning rowing! Too many late nights at work. I actually just finished planting everything in the garden, including some butternut squash plants, so if i have too much stuff i will tear myself out of bed and bring you guys gifts! I hope you are all getting strong and winning those races against Marin! I hope to see you around the neighborhood. Thanks for the comment!