Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bad picture day

Today was a day of work...and bad pictures.

Once again...My perfect pumkin

three others

The zucchini plant had to be pulled.  I was being lazy for the last month, but today was the day. Nasty thing.

I realized that I had not planted cherry tomatoes(these are pear. WHATEVER)  So here they are,  making a lot of little ones as you can see below.  This planter box, with two pear and one roma in it, was the first batch of homemade soil.  It is already catching up with the tomatoes planted 4 months ago.  Oh what compost will do.

Major overhaul on the older tomatoes today.  Their life is coming to an end, but in attempts of getting a little more out of them for the next month, I did a lot of pulling and trimming. And lost some soldiers in the process.

 I forgot to plant these mini pumpkins.  I don't know if they will make it, but it's pretty cute right now.

I also cut back a big chunk of the butternut squash.  It's looking like it has a bit of new life on it, so i changed my mind about pulling the plant...this time.  On the other hand, look how damn cute this little guy is!

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