Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Is it Halloween yet?

A new sunflower. They are all above my head.

There are aphids all over my tomatoes, and it makes me nervous!  My strawberries are dying, and I don't know why, and my stupid lime tree won't make big limes!  But aside from that, things are going well.  Pumpkins are growing, squash is doing alright(story below) sunflowers are rocking it.  The Zucchini plants are making too many zucchini's. and my newly planted tomato plants are catching up to the rest. And ladybugs are still chillin everywhere.


I have been getting mixed results with my butternut squash. Some do well, and then some die. I suppose maybe the flowers are not getting pollinated which is sad. I still have yet to pick a squash :(

And lastly. Some movies. Now you can get an idea of what my garden looks like. And yes, it really is that loud outside.

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